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Style Your Home On A Budget This Summer

August 9, 2016 | Paul

If the summer holidays is leaving your pockets feeling a little empty, you can still find ways to decorate your home on a budget.  Of course, as experienced and professional home decorating specialists in Essex, we would never advise that you skimp on the decorating.  Paying a professional will ensure that your paintwork, wallpaper and woodwork looks fabulous for years to come, is always an excellent investment.

Having said that, there are many ways to introduce new styles and flavours to your home without spending a fortune.  Here are our favourite tips for styling your newly decorated home on a budget.


  1. Find Unusual Pieces

Most High Street home decor stores, and even some furniture stores like Ikea have hidden gems inside them if you look hard enough.  You can purchase plain essentials like bookcases, storage units or even tables in high street stores and accessorise them with more expensive looking or unusual looking pieces.  Remember, every one has different design tastes, so what may be popular or on trend at the moment, may mean that the style you like is reduced or on offer.


  1. Buy second hand

By far the best way to ensure that your style is unique, is by finding second hand pieces of furniture or accessories that aren’t mass produced anymore.  Spend a lazy afternoon rummaging through your local charity shops, or look at online auctions to find pre-loved pieces that perfectly suit your own style.  Whatever your budget you are bound to find something you like.  Whether you just want to spend a couple of pounds on photo frames and trinkets, or whether you are looking to spend hundreds on an investment piece, second hand furniture will compliment your freshly decorated room perfectly.


  1. Up-cycle

Finally, if you like the furniture you have, but wish it matched your interior, why not change it up a little.  Long gone are the days of painting over your sideboard with nasty gloss paint, you can now find everything from chalk paint to blackboard paint easily available at DIY stores.  With a bit of time and skill you can completely transform the look of your most practical pieces of furniture to ensure that they match your newly painted colour scheme.  If you are feeling brave you could even try a bit of decoupage to really glitz things up.  You can find plenty of online tutorials to help you on your way.

However you choose to add colour and passion to your rooms, we can be on hand to help with the really tricky bits.  Having your Essex home painted by professionals will ensure at the finest quality workmanship that will last for years, or until the next time to choose to change your mind about your interiors.