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Ways to work with yellow paint – let the sunshine in this Summer

June 14, 2016 | Paul

As the No 1 decorating company in Essex, Mac2UK Decorating Essex can offer you all the advice you need on your new colour scheme.  We provide first class decorating services to homes in Essex and often are called upon to use our experience to help chose new colour schemes for our clients.

With the summer finally here, perhaps you are thinking of re-decorating?  Thinking of brightening up your kitchen, or maybe breathing some new life into your bathroom.  Whatever area of your home you are thinking of decorating, we can help.

This season, bright colours are bang on trend.  In fact, every summer see’s a resurgence in popularity of fresh, bright and easy to blend colours in the home.

Yellow is particularly popular this time of year, but if you are not confident using it, or get a bit too carried away you can end up with a yellow peril instead of a sunny new look.

Here are our top tips for working with yellow paint in your Essex home.

  1. Make an entrance – Spread the sunshine to everyone who enters your home by using a sweeping sunshine yellow on your hallway walls. Avoid it looking dated or too garish by adding soft white cornices, skirting boards, dado rails or other interesting features.  Yellow hallways look simply stunning in both period and contemporary homes alike.
  1. Cottage Kitchens with sunshine appeal – whatever the size of your kitchen, unless it is super modern, yellow tones always add a country feel to the heart of your home. Bold yellows, mustard tones or even pale pastel yellows work really well with both wooden kitchen cupboards or more modern high shine white cabinets.   You can create depth and warmth with the right shade of yellow, as well as adding plenty of colour.
  1. Bathrooms with a beautiful hue – Traditionally many people chose either plain white for their bathrooms, or stick to a nautical theme using blues to reflect the water. But, yellow is also a great colour for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.  Yellow tones are much warmer than blue so you are adding an additional layer of comfort to your bathroom, making it feel warm and cosy all year round.
  1. Use your yellow sparingly – If you are not quite feeling brave enough to go all out with a room the colour of custard, why not opt for a feature wall instead. Golds and mustard tones make amazing feature walls that mix well with creams, greys and whites of all shades.  Depending on your home, the right shade of yellow can be reminiscent of times gone by and compliment your period home perfectly, or add a truly contemporary look to a more modern home.  Team with oranges for a really super modern look.
  1. Say hello to yellow in the details – If you just want to add a touch of colour, perhaps look at choosing a wallpaper with a small amount of yellow in the design? There is such a wonderful wealth of wallpapers to choose from these days that you can keep your vintage theme with a William Morris style wallpaper featuring intricate yellow flowers, or stay super modern with a Habitat style yellow geometric design.


How you chose to use yellow this season, we can guarantee that a little bit of colour will make your home feel sunny from the inside out.

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