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How to choose the right colour scheme for your home.

May 4, 2016 | Paul

Injecting a little bit of colour into your home can make a huge difference not just to the way it looks, but also the way it feels too. For example, rich dark colours will make your home feel cosy and snug, whereas paler colours will give the impression of extra light and space all around you.

How you choose to decorate your house is usually a matter of personal choice, but as experienced decorators servicing the Essex area, we are often called upon to ask for our advice when it comes to making the best decision.

In this months blog, we take a look at how different colours can work best in your home.


  1. Neutral Colours

Neutral colours are the perfect foundation for any colour scheme.  That said, a modern and simple colour palette can work just as well on its own.  You can even combine 3 or 4 neutral shades in one room to offer a calm and sophisticated space.  The key to working with neutral tones, is to add texture.  Consider jute carpeting or wooden flooring to add a layered feel to the room, or look for stone finishes or really good quality wood or leather in your furnishings to add depth.

We find that neutral colour schemes are still very popular in Essex homes, and will no doubt continue to remain so for years to come.


  1. Blues and Greys

Blues and greys can offer you a taste of the mediterranean or a vintage feel to a very neutral space.  Whatever shade you choose, be brave.  Maybe add a feature wall or maybe even coloured skirts or cornices to really add interest. When using blues and greys always be mindful that they can be fairly “cold “ colours and will need to be dressed well too prevent them form making your room feel cold and heavy.


  1. Reds, Purples and Pinks

Pink, of course, is perfect for a princess, but these tones can also work well in the grown up areas of your Essex home.  Red adds a luxurious feel to any room, but works best in big spaces with higher ceilings.  Purples are fun and make a great backdrop for opulent furnishings.  Lighter shades of purple work really well with silver, so add ornaments where you can.  Finally, pink works really well with off-white shades and beige furnishings.  Pinks can add femininity without being too girly.


  1. Yellows and Oranges

Beautiful, bold and bright, yellows and oranges can add a sunny feel to any room.  These colours work particularly well in kitchens.  Oranges add a Deco feel and an air of opulence, whilst yellows add a country cottage feel and add light and space to your home.


  1. Greens

Greens work wonderfully for delivering impact, but are generally best used as a background colour.  Greens look amazing when teamed with monotone colours,  Period greens work well in large rooms, whilst pale sages and mints are lovely in more contemporary homes. Think of the outdoors and pair green walls with wooden furnishings for a garden room feel.

Whatever colours you choose for your home, make sure that they look their best by hiring a professional decorator to do the job for you. Essex decorators Emerson Park Decorators, not only offer a great service, and beautifully finished rooms, but we can also help you choose the best colour scheme for your Essex home. Call us today on 01708 913852 to find out more.